My name is Angela. I love simple, classic comfort foods and edible gourmet works of art.

Angela personal chef

I thrive on healthy, organic whole-plant foods yet still hold a place in my heart (literally and figuratively) for enticing junk foods.

I relish lazing around watching a movie or reading a book, which may be an old British classic or a modern vampire thriller. Or I may be pounding the pavement as I enjoy a morning run or a game of tennis.

I adore spending most of my moments with my six incredible children and fantastic husband yet I treasure stolen minutes alone.

My favorite places are beautiful, hot sunny Australia and grey, overcast western Washington.

Sometimes I stay up late, sometimes I get up early. I love a perfectly clean house, but often it’s messy. Sweat pants and high heels. Chocolate and chia seeds. Cabbage and cookies.

This website is about me and my whole-food, plant-based journey, but also about you and yours and meeting you where you are. Embracing your good, wholesome eating habits and slowly letting go of the crummy habits that are keeping you from reaching your health and nutrition goals, as I do the same. For those who have an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other as they strive for radiant health and abundant energy. 

In Humble Apple you will find recipes ranging from ultra-healthy no salt, no sugar, no oil whole-food, plant-based recipes to indulgent veganized, comfort foods and desserts. They are here as resources for you, wherever you are on your plant-based journey. The recipes and blog posts will guide you whether you are seeking foods which are simple or gourmet, classic or creative, homestyle or elegant. I am here to help you online as well as in person as a personal chef or for cooking instruction and demonstrations. Whatever your needs, wherever this food journey takes you, Humble Apple is here to support you.

 Welcome to Humble Apple.