Growth Mindset Discussion Questions

Have you done anything interesting today?

What is something new you learned today? What did you do to learn it? How much effort did you have to put forth?

What new skill would you like to learn? Is there anything that stands in the way that you need to overcome? How can we help you on your learning journey?

What is a mistake you made that taught you something?

Did you see anyone accomplish something they’d been working at accomplishing?

What are you struggling with and how are you overcoming the struggle?

Did someone do something much better than you? How did you react? Discuss how this was a growth mindset reaction or how you could have reacted in a more growth mindset way.

Have you found yourself judging others? Think of a situation is which you could have handled things differently. How could you have handled things?

Do you ever hear that voice inside yourself whispering, “You don’t have what it takes!” What can you do to combat this fixed-mindset demon?