Some Tricks and Ideas to Reduce and Eliminate Dairy From Your Diet

Eliminating dairy may be the hardest part of adopting a plant-based diet for many people. My advice – take it slow. Use the recipes and ideas below to reduce the yogurt, cheese and milk in your life.

What do you use to make foods taste creamy?

Many fruits and vegetables can be blended to add a creamy texture to plant-based dishes without the need for dairy. Look to starchy fruits and vegetables to concoct your own creamy, silky, dairy-free entrees and desserts. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, bananas, avocados and cauliflower will all surprise you in their versatility.

This Peach Pie Parfait is made with sweet potatoes creating a silky peach pudding and chia seeds for a thick, rich topping.

Peach Pie and Sweet Potato Parfait
Peach Pie Parfait

Bananas form the creamy substance in this plant-based chocolate shake. It is so yummy you won’t believe its also so good for you.

Healthy Chocolate Shake
Good for You Chocolate Shake

Frozen avocado chunks are the secret ingredient that makes these Blueberry Cardamom Lime Smoothies so creamy.

Blueberry Cardamom Lime Lassi
Blueberry Cardamom Lime Smoothie

Do you find that you can’t live without pizza?

Pizza is a universal favorite. Trying new flavors and combinations opens up many plant-based possibilities that will interest your palate and satisfy your cravings. This Indonesian Pizza is one of our family’s favorites.

Indonesian Tofu Pizza
Indonesian Tofu Pizza

Are you missing your morning yogurt?

Chia pudding makes a great breakfast if you are trying to replace your morning yogurt. As superfoods, chia seeds make a healthy choice to start your day and they combine well with many fruits and flavors. Try this Pistachio Blueberry Chia Pudding for a quick and easy breakfast.

Vegan Blueberry Pistachio Chia Pudding
Pistachio Blueberry Chia Pudding

What are some other ideas for plant-based dairy alternatives?

Try silken tofu to make creamy sauces and desserts. Tofu doesn’t have much flavor so it easily soaks up whatever flavor you put with it. One of our family’s all around favorite plant-based foods is this Orange Tofulius. A sweet, citrusy beverage that is so much healthier than an Old-Fashioned Orange Julius.

orange julius
Orange Tofulius

Nuts and seeds can also be soaked, then blended for a plant-based cream alternative. Pepitas give substance to this creamy dressing.

Pepita Dressing
Pepita Dressing