Eat Plant-based in 12 Easy Steps

Discover organized steps and original recipes to help you reach your dietary goals.

Research supporting a plant-based diet is hitting the headlines as medical journals publish convincing data. However, switching to a plant-based diet can seem daunting at best and nearly impossible to some people or at some times. The purpose of this website is to make the impossible become possible and the formidable seem easy. In just 12 easy steps you’ll have completely adopted a plant-based lifestyle. After just the first step your health will begin to improve. Each step you take will get you closer to accomplishing your goal. Whether you desire to increase your fruit and vegetable intake or wholly adopt a plant-based diet these steps will help you.

Each step is packed with recipes and practical tips to help you make long-lasting changes. You can move through each step at your own pace, which may take you one day, or one week, or one month. Feel free to follow the steps in order, or adopt them into your life in whatever way helps you best reach your goals.

cauliflower steak
Cauliflower Steak

Step One: Eat Cruciferous Vegetables! It is easy to add good stuff. Even before removing animal products or processed foods your health will begin to improve with the increase of plant foods. It will also help you “crowd out” less healthy foods by filling you up with fiber-filled, antioxidant-packed vegetables. By adding cruciferous vegetables your taste buds will begin to change….

Asian Bowls
Asian Bowls

Step Two: Batch Prep: Replace lunch with a large bean, grain and veggie bowl. You can call it a bowl or a salad, but the idea is a combination of vegetables with beans and grains to make a filling, nutritious and tasty lunch. Focusing on preparing your food at the beginning of each week makes a plant based lunch manageable and….

Blueberry Cardamom Lime Lassi
Blueberry Cardamom Lime Smoothie

Step Three: Fruit! Fruit! Fruit! Adding fruit may be the easiest dietary change you’ve ever made! It may seem too good to be true that adding fruit is an important step on the plant-based pathway, but let me convince you, keep reading….

Italian Herb Mini Hasselback Potatoes
Italian Herb Mini Hasselback Potatoes

Step Four: Swap Two Dinners for Plant-based Meals Many traditional dinners that can easily be adapted to be plant-based

strawberry hibiscus cooler
Strawberry Hibiscus Cooler

Step Five : Replace Sugary and Diet Drinks coming soon…

Red Beans and Rice
Jamaican Beans and Rice

Step Six: Increase Beans

Healthy Chocolate Shake
Good for You Chocolate Shake

Step Seven: Reduce and Eliminate Dairy Eliminating dairy may be the hardest part of adopting a plant-based diet for many people. My advice – take it slow. Use these recipes and ideas to reduce the yogurt, cheese and milk in your life.

Asian Orange Peanut Noodles
Asian Orange Peanut Noodles

Step Eight: Get Creative and Explore World Flavors coming soon…

rainbow vegetable wrap
Rainbow Veggie Wrap

Step Nine: Increase Greens coming soon…

Nutrition Packed Tofu Scramble
Superstar Tofu Scramble

Step Ten: Eliminate Eggs coming soon…

Plant-based Sloppy Joes
Better Than Sloppy Joes

Step Eleven: Try Something New coming soon…

Step Twelve: Final Tweaks and Changes coming soon…